Q&A With Dr. William Mobley

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Did you attend our webinar in January and ask a question that wasn’t answered? Dr. William Mobley has the answers! Dr. Mobley from the University of California, San Diego’s Down Syndrome Center for Research and Treatment and Dr. Jamie Edgin from the University of Arizona’s Down Syndrome Research Group spoke at our webinar on January 29, …

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NIH Releases 2014 Research Plan

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We’re very pleased to announce that NIH has just released the updated document “Down Syndrome Directions,” the NIH Research Plan on Down Syndrome. The research plan will provide another great way to work with the DS community to further research efforts. “In succeeding the previous NIH Plan for Down Syndrome released in late 2007, ‘Down Syndrome Directions’ represents …

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A Chat with a Member of DSACT – Emily Feiner

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Recently we introduced you to our friends at the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT) in a blog post presenting the affiliate organization and their generous support of cognition research. Today we’d like to highlight one of their members, Emily Feiner who sees the “boost” cognition research could give to people with Down syndrome. Emily is mother …

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Identifying More of the Ds Puzzle Pieces

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Researchers at University of California Davis are helping to unravel the complexities of Down syndrome by identifying a group of so-called supporting cells in the brain that may be related to abnormal neuron development. The research team obtained evidence of a potentially critical role of astrolgia cells in people with Down syndrome. The researchers created …

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