Meet Kaylee, the runner with Down Syndrome that never quits!

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Everyone worries that they won’t finish their race in time but that didn’t stop a young lady from Texas with Down Syndrome.  Well meet Kaylee, her story will inspire even the biggest running critic to lace us their shoes and get outside.  Kaylee and her mom started running to get healthy like most of us, and they caught the Road Race bug and started participating in different races.

Kaylee as reported by Runner's World
Kayleigh as reported by Runner’s World.

When a friend suggested the Austin Half Marathon Kaylee was ready for the challenge!  The day’s race was hot and humid, making it difficult to breathe for even the most seasoned runner!  Kaylee never gave up and crossed that finish line in 6 hours and 22 minutes.  “When she hit the finish that finish line, I went from being a mother thinking she has to be protected from the world to thinking she’s a woman who can take on the world” Read more about Kaylee and her mom’s journey to success here.