Race for the eXtraordinary: Training Tip #2

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Supplement your training with Strength and Mobility (SAM)!

Spring is finally here!  If you’re like me, the warmer weather and sunnier skies means you’re going to want to get out to run – and run often!  This is great!  BUT if your body isn’t ready for all this (new) running, you run the risk of injury.  As renowned running coach Jay Johnson (of the Boulder Running Camps) puts it: “Think of a runner’s body as a car. The engine is the heart, lungs and blood – the things that allow you to run aerobically. The chassis would be the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.  It’s important to recognize though that metabolic changes occur faster than structural changes. So you gain aerobic fitness faster – i.e., your engine gets bigger – before your structural body, your chassis, can keep up.”

So what do you do?  Coach Jay recommends doing core strength, hip strength, and hip mobility exercises.  You can check out his Strength and Mobility training here: http://www.coachjayjohnson.com/2011/11/eight-week-general-strength-progression/

These exercises will do wonders to lower your risk of injury and improve your running!  Coach Jay is a renowned coach – check out more of his posts and I recommend signing up for his weekly newsletter for more great running tips!