LuMind RDS Runners Fundraising Spotlight: Team Ashlynn

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13140988_10206398910880297_1553141592_nWe often get requests from our runners asking about ideas for alternative ways to raise money for LuMind RDS Runners and Down syndrome cognition research. Especially for those of you veteran or alumni runners who are returning to run for us year after year (THANK YOU!), it can feel like a real bear to have to constantly beg friends, family, and colleagues for donations. As an alternative, we invite you all to consider out-of-the-box fundraising ideas. There’s more than one way to raise funds – and many of these ways don’t require you to nag or beg people to donate!

This week’s Fundraising Spotlight is on Team Ashlynn. Earlier this month, Reyna Valencia and Eduwin Rodriguez of Team Ashlynn (led by Chad and Leyda Simon) hosted a food sale as a creative way to raise money for their fundraiser for the San Francisco Marathon. Reyna and Eduwin went to work in the kitchen, preparing traditional Mexican dishes like tamales, pozole, panvaso, and esquites.

In the first day of the sale, more than $400 worth of food was sold, and an additional $250 was raised the following day! After all was said and done, close to $500 was raised in support of Team Ashlynn’s San Francisco Marathon fundraiser. All without ever having to beg anyone for money…

Reyna said of the food sale: “I think it is a really good idea to fundraise money.” She advises others interested in hosting a similar food sale or bake sale to “think of something that people will buy and is easy to make, yet rare enough that you won’t find it in restaurants or supermarkets.” Reyna notes that the tamales were the biggest hit!

Do YOU have a world-famous banana bread recipe that everyone loves? Are your chocolate chip cookies the best anyone has ever tasted? Is there a simple dish you make that everyone raves about and that you think people would be willing to buy in support of your fundraiser? We even had someone do a beef jerky sale earlier this year! Get creative!