Get ready for Alzheimer’s clinical trials. It’s time.

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Join us, we’re stepping up!





Pharma has promising therapies targeting the accumulation of amyloid and tau — two of the characteristics shared by Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease — ready for late-stage clinical trials.

We are making sure our loved ones with Down syndrome are included in upcoming clinical trials.

In order for adults with Down syndrome and at-risk for dementia to be included in these trials, there are two critical grants we must fund this fall. First, we need $100,000 to fund the development of the first Alzheimer’s assessment scales, which account for the variation in memory present in individuals with Ds. Secondly, with $125,000 we can fund the development of a clinical network of clinicians and associated registry for rapid enrollment in trials.

Alzheimer’s Assessment Scales

Grant: $100,000 | Raised: $64,000

Progress: 64%

Clinical Trial Network of Clinicians

Grant: $125,000 | Raised: $100,000

Progress: 80%