Three Board members at a recent in-person meeting. Being a Blackhawks fan isn’t a requirement for the LuMind RDS Board, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Nothing is more important to the health and sustainability of LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation than getting highly qualified and enthusiastic people to serve on our board. We are currently searching for qualified volunteers to join our passionate and dedicated board of directors. Our mission is to stimulate biomedical research that will accelerate the development of treatments to significantly improve cognition, including memory, learning and speech, for individuals with Down syndrome so they:

  • participate more successfully in school;
  • lead more active and independent lives; and
  • avoid the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Skills needed:

  • Ability and willingness to leverage personal and professional relationships on behalf of LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation.
  • A recognized leader in the community.
  • A record of accomplishment in his or her life and career or profession, including demonstrated ability for innovation and strategic thinking.
  • A capacity to function within a collegial group as a team member; a good follower as well as leader.
  • The time, energy, network or financial resources required to be a conscientious,
  • Contributing and attentive board member; ability, and willingness to actively
  • Contribute one or more of the “Three Ws” – Wealth/Wisdom/Work.
  • An ability to consistently sustain a total institutional perspective in his or her and the
  • Board’s work, without allegiance or commitment to anything except LuMind Research Down syndrome Foundation’s mission.

To throw your hat in the ring, please fill out this survey.