For their son and the thrill of the Race!!

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Meet Matt and Angela, who coincidentally celebrated 2017 World Down Syndrome Day by running the NYC 1/2 Marathon.  After all the hard work of training and fundraising is done, all that is left is the Thrill of crossing the finish line. Thank you for sharing your great experience with us!                    #lumindrdsCARES  #Race4eXtraordinary

Matt Amick - post race

Where do I even begin with today?!! The beginning, I suppose (#SoundOfMusicShoutout). While today started out with my running the #NYCHalfMarathon, the beginning really starts with my son, Benjamin, and how his life and extra chromosome have completely changed mine & Angela‘s lives. From that, we’ve learned the importance of having LuMind RDS in the world (and in our lives). That’s why we’ve worked to raise money for them. Which leads me to you guys (Linzie Starr (who ran his own amazing FULL marathon today!!), Kate Dochelli, Esmeralda Tokar, Amanda Whitmire Wilkie, Joanne Jeanguenat, Denise Dollar, Apryl Humphreys Barrett, Melissa Larmer Cate, Sandra Gabriel, Scott Chamberlain, Kristin Chamberlain, Lara Dunlap-Font, Philip Crosby, Crystal Dabney Crosby, Sharyl Salontai Ponce, Ron Ponce, Krissy Murphy, Diana Minton Appleby, Paul Appleby, Mandy Nichols Jellerichs, Katie Cooper Harbison, Matt Harbison, Lisa Roehm-Gensel, Bree Dillon, Sue DeWitt, Sarah Mitchell, Jenn MacLeod, Sara Emery Poshkus, Kelley Kendall McCutcheon, Ashlee Seiferth Davis, Joan Wilson Fritz, & other anonymous) who all donated so generously to this great organization through my (Angela did most of the work, though) NYC Half Marathon fundraisAngela Amick - post raceer. I know Carolyn Cronin and the rest of the organization appreciate your donations more than you’ll ever know, as do those benefiting from the work they are doing. #Race4eXtraordinary #lumindrdsCARES


Yesterday was my 22nd half marathon. It was by FAR the least trained I’ve ever been for a race of any distance (thanks, bronchitis). I am unbelievably sore today. Coming in at 2:47:49, it was my slowest half by over five minutes. Other things were not ideal. I had to stop TWICE at the port-a-potty (adding 10-11 min to my final time, thanks to long lines). My phone was acting wonky, causing my music not to work for the first five miles (that’s an HOUR with no music, which is a travesty for me). But none of that compared to the absolute thrill of running the streets of one of my favorite cities (Times Square was AMAZING!!). The best part was being able to run with working lungs. Can’t wait to get back to regular exercise again! #NYCHalf #MotherRunner #SuckItBronchitis #MamasBack



 Take advantage of the great energy out there this week for Down syndrome and consider encouraging your friends to donate $21 or more in honor of WDSD today and tomorrow. All $21 donations get the Virtual Run medal and $100+ donations get the Virtual Run T-shirt!