Race for the eXtraordinary: Running in the Heat

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For many of us around the United States, days with 90+ degree weather and high humidity are not uncommon in the summer months. This type of weather forecast can make for some very uncomfortable running conditions. You can’t expect to be running as fast in your workouts in the high heat and humidity as you would be …

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Ann & Dee’s Memorial 24 Hour Relay Run for Research

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Looking for a FUN way to raise money for LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation without all the stress of planning a complicated event or gala? Take a look at the Ann & Dee’s Memorial 24 Hour Relay Run for Research! Lisa Arnoa and Matt MacDougall came up with the idea for the the 24 Hour Relay Run for Research …

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LuMind RDS Runners Fundraising Spotlight: Team Ashlynn

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We often get requests from our runners asking about ideas for alternative ways to raise money for LuMind RDS Runners and Down syndrome cognition research. Especially for those of you veteran or alumni runners who are returning to run for us year after year (THANK YOU!), it can feel like a real bear to have to constantly …

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Race for the eXtraordinary: Training Tip #1

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Runners and Strength Training How often should runners do strength work? Should lifting sessions be scheduled on hard, easy, or rest days? What are the BEST exercises?  What exercises should runners specifically be doing?  Are these exercises different from what other athletes might do? Are bodyweight exercises enough or are heavy weights needed? Check out this …

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